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Chopping And Changing

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As much as I enjoy the MacCast I wish it were split into separate shows with one dealing with news and (sigh) rumours and another dealing with handy hints - the latter being like the Member versions (which I keep meaning to subscribe to) but without the depth and with the advertisements. This way I wouldn't have to skip past the news and rumours (most of which I get elsewhere) as I usually do - not a major chore but one step less in my overly-busy world. (Thankfully I use the Music app on iOS 6 and so get the chapter headings - I being one of the many who have tried Apple's podcast app and beaten a retreat as it fails to handle such.) One other potential advantage is that Adam would be able to release one or the other when, say, there's an hour's worth of stuff to do - not ideal for his work pattern, perhaps, but easier for his audience to manage - I hesitating to take on the latest whopper (2:08) despite me being a skipper.

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