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any way to stop syncing apps from itunes to iphone?

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Derek    0

I only connect my iPhone to my Mac to unload the camera roll and make occasional backups. Our company requests that we use our computers for backups, not iCloud. I have a whole bunch of apps on my iphone and ipad, and they are constantly downloading and updating in iTunes. I really don't need to sync apps with iTunes anymore, but I can't find the setting to NOT sync them with iTunes. I thought there used to be a checkbox for that while the phone was plugged in, but I can't find it anymore. I would like to just delete the apps from my computer - with iOS 7's auto app update feature, all of our iPhones and iPad keep themselves up to date, so I'm not saving anything anymore by managing it through iTunes.


If I delete an app from my computer, the deletion propagates to the phone and iPad next time I plug them in to offload pictures! Yes, I could just never sync anymore, but I'd still like to get the occasional local backup of my devices. I just want to get rid of them from iTunes, they are always out of date!


Any ideas?




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Apple Geek    15

Try this.

Preferences>Devices>Prevent [devices] from automatically syncing (check)

Summary Tab>Options(near the bottom)> Automatically sync this iPhone when connected (uncheck)

Apps Tab> Automatically install new apps (uncheck) (near the middle)


I'm like you, I don't use my computer to sync ANYTHING with my iPhone anymore except for the occasional ringtone. I've not had the problem that you're talking about because I don't have any iOS apps on my hard drive. I would try unchecking those two items that I mentioned above, disconnecting your iPhone, deleting all of your iOS apps on your computer hard drive and then plugging your iPhone back in to see what happens. Of course, do a backup before any of this!


Please report back and let us know what worked.


I hope this helps.

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