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Moving just iTunes movies to an external drive.....

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Hi-I have searched high and low looking for a solution to what I want to do. I know it's been done before but when I do a Google search, most of the answers are outdated. Anyway, I am running iTunes 11.1.3 on my MacBook Pro running Mavericks. I have movies that I have purchased through iTunes that I want to move to my Seagate GoFlex external drive. I really don't want to create another library if it can be avoided-I want it to work on the Apple TV side as easy as possible. We have an Apple TV 2 & 3 (2 different rooms-not both in the same room... lol). Can someone please explain to me how to accomplish this? I have tried a third party software that isn't really working for me at this time and want to do it the Apple way! Thanks for your help, Judy/MeMaw

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1) quit iTunes.
2) copy the iTunes library from the Music folder to the external hard drive.

3) hold down the Option key then launch iTunes.

4) click Choose Library. navigate to the copied folder. click Open.

5) at this point you can delete the old iTunes library in Music.




6) make sure you have another copy of your library somewhere else. aka buy another hard drive for Time Machine.

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I know you said you've tried some third-party software but I'd really recommend TuneSpan. I've been using it for a while and it works great. Plus, it's discounted today (Tuesday 17 Dec) as part of the TwoDollarTuesday promotion.


(I know this sounds like an advertisement from the company, but it's not! I use and love TuneSpan. I just wanted to get the word out since it's only $2 today.)

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Uber Mac Geek-Hi-it just so happens that I have TuneSpan and am using but the issue I have with it is that the cover art for the movies do not show up on my TV via iTunes and my young grandkids need that visual cue to select which movie they want to watch. The ONLY way I have found to get the cover art to load (and I have to do this EVERY time I launch iTunes) is to go to my Movies folder in iTunes, select the movie, do Get Info and that forces the cover art to load. If I don't do that I end up with a generic movie ticket as the cover art which does not work visually for my 4 and 2 year old grandkids. I have been in contact with the developer who has been very quick to respond but he has no answer for the issue. I am not sure what is going on but that makes the app useless to me if the cover art doesn't show up! Other than that, I like the app.

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