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Time Capsule - Can't secure erase with airport utility

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I recently replaced my 2nd generation time capsule with a new 5th generation model and airport utility will let me do a quick erase of the drive but returns an message after about 20 minutes stating something to the order of "this drive was unable to be erased" when I try to so a secure erase (zero out data). Airport utility is the latest version under mavericks on a 2013 iMac and the TC is connected via an Ethernet cable. I would like to sell the old TC which is why I want to do the secure erase. The final thing is that when the 1TB drive failed I did replace it about a year ago with a 2TB drive and it has worked flawlessly. I don't think the drive replacement has anything to do with the problem erasing but wanted to put that out there. I would highly appreciate it if anyone has any ideas. Thanks, Marc

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I can think of a couple things that might cause problems - incorrect permissions and disk errors. You could try using Disk Utility instead of the Airport Utility.

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drives fail. if you are getting errors and it won't format the disk inside is bad.


to check this remove the hard drive from the TC put it in a mac or PC then format it there. if formats as expect replace the drive back in the TC then reformat it using the TC tool. if it fails, you'll know what to do next.

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