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archived videos are empty!

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Hi-I need some help with some videos that were in iPhoto that are empty....


I am running Mavericks on my MBP and iPhoto 9.5.1. I am using iPhoto Library Manager to manage my libraries. A year or so ago I was running out of space on my laptop so I archived a year or two of photos and zipped the files and stored them on an external drive. Well, I wanted to look at them again so I unzipped the files and added them into iPhoto and found, much to my horror, that none of the videos would play. The frame of the beginning is there but the length of the video is zero. I tried playing the videos on the external drive. I tried playing the videos on my desktop. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The photos seem to be fine. But what the heck happened to the videos??? More importantly how do I fix this problem???? When I click to play a video, QuickTime opens up and converts the video. The particular videos I am wanting to watch are very special to me-it's of my grandson when he was 2 and in Johns Hopkins for about a week. He is now 4 and I wanted to share these with him. I really appreciate all the help that anyone can give me.... Judy

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Have to admit this doesn't sound good, but just to be sure... I take it you didn't just use iPhoto Library Manager to move the photos and videos to an external drive? If not, how did you zip the files, and how are you unzipping them again? It's a little odd that you'd see the first frame of the video in iPhoto if the file was zero-length... though I suppose iPhoto possibly still has a copy of the thumbnail it generated when you first imported the video, then re-associated that thumbnail when you re-imported the (now seemingly damaged) video.


Also a little unsure about what you mean by "QuickTime opens up and converts the video". Assuming this means the video still doesn't play, what indication are you seeing that QuickTime is trying to "convert" anything? What format were the videos originally in?


(I know this probably isn't the best time to mention it, but for future reference, there actually isn't really any advantage in zipping photos and videos -- most photo and video formats are already well compressed, so you're not really going to save any space, and there's always very small risk of something going wrong when zipping or unzipping. Though that is a very rare occurrence indeed, especially if you're using the very same application to unzip that you used to zip.)

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Hi Calum-since I posted the problem I think I found out what happened. When I zipped the library that included the movies. They were zipped (apparently) as jpg's, not movies..... Hence the problem. The good news is that I had posted some of the movies (most) on Facebook and by using Chrome I was able to download them again! It took forever but at least I have some back. So I think in the future I will create libraries (using iPhoto Library Manager) for just the movies for a particular year.


And you are right, I really didn't save myself any room at all. Lesson learned. Still cleaning it all up but thank you for replying!! Have a good day! Judy

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