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Automator broken in Mavericks?

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Is it just me or is Automator just not working in Mavericks?


I have a workflow that I drag lossless files/folders to it and it's supposed to convert to AAC and import to iTunes. It works, but I get an error message every time saying it failed, even though the files continue to convert/import.


I also had a print PDF to folder (print menu), that I could not get working on my MBP, even though the same exact workflow works fine in my iMac.


I'm not looking for help with these, I'm just wondering if I am alone in this or not.

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There there any specific errors that Automator reports when you run the workflow in the editor and look at the output fields?

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There is an error for an automator action that converts dragged files/folders (Apple Lossless) to AAC, even though the process runs just fine. There is no error on the MBP for a Print PDF to folder action in the print menu, though that action does not produce any results, nothing happens. The same Print Menu action runs just fine on my iMac. A 3rd automator action I use to build 10 quick emails (bills to monthly clients) works fine on both machines.

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