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the iCar thing

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the biggest reason is we should applaud CarPlay is that CAR can finally be though of as a PLATFORM. the same way exciting apps for the camera, weather, running, and anything location aware got developed can now happen on four wheels. consider, "dude, where is my car?" as the first problems to solve. the car tells your iThing, "I AM HERE!" with no need to Home button, swipe, scroll, click app, click HERE." no clicking or user interaction should have to happen it just happens.

but the CarPlay is a disaster before it even ships. the first clue that this disaster already steering in the wrong direction is the required "iPhone" to make it work. this is ludicrous. it means that there are serious issues that need to be solved. it also means that it's rushed to happen using an existing platform instead of solving these problems using leverage that only Apple has the power to force.

the basis of this is an existing protocol and control system called QNX. it's old. it's stupid. it's slow. and it exists only because it was made with compromise in mind from the beginning. design by committee NEVER works. QNX's primary function is to control a radio and interface audio from another source. it is brain dead. iOS should be the core of the car and not layered over QNX. and when you read about the screens, the way it interfaces, you might as well just DASH BOARD UP your iPhone or put a iPad Mini there. seriously, you'll have a better crappy experience.

the concept, "sync to the car(s) should be a thing." if the car needs a mobile data plan then add it to the price of the car at purchase. it adds nearly nothing to the price of the car. even if it's 3-5 years of plan. it's the same piece that has been missing since as an iPod Touch option. the very need for this spells the end of the "myth of minutes" required to support the cash grab of an "iPhone".

as it is CarPlay is born out of shoe horning this in the crappy that. if it goes anywhere in 18 months it will be a miracle. want further proof. a partner is Ferrari. really? why this automaker on the first list. who drives a Ferrari? it's like .000001 percent of the cars on the planet. stupid.

let's consider some car specific features that become possible:

"we're the fa kar wee?"
maps should be the most important feature. period. it should open up to exactly where I am.

"dude, where is MY car?"
the car should tell the iPhones inside it, "BTW this is where I stopped. so if you can't find me follow the trail of digital crumbs."

"the car will TXT who you are picking up when we get close."
going to pick up somebody? chances are you've done it before. so as you get close the cars automatically sends a message "almost there!"

"location based reminders"
driving by a place could invoke Siri to tell you, "you need the following items from the store you are about to pass." it could be a housemate that made the list then sent it to the car. or it the list could be timed based. like every Wednesday you need "list goes here."

"multi tasking as a freeture"
iOS is far too modal. that means when you leave one app it no longer runs. but a car demands multiple tasks running. map, siri, music, messages. flipping to one should not turn off any of the others. map should never need to update once it's back in front. and if there is a camera watching front, back and sides it should not stop recording as you are changing music.

"telemetry" creating "historical data" and "driving suggestions"
speed, location, temperature, driving style, burn rate, what is around me and any other information should be collected. this supports the gamification of driving. the car already has most of these sensors. let's hook them up to reveal what they are saying in a meaningful way.

"driving help."
the car needs to help me be a better driver. find the optimum speed. tell me that I'm accelerating too fast. already Prius drivers maximize their mileage with the gamification of driving. sure, those drivers are annoying. but you know, save the planet driving is not a bad thing.

remember when Han Solo told C3PO, "I need YOU to talk the the Falcon golden rod…"? same thing. the health of the car can be determined by numbers and graphs.

better voice.
talking on a iPhone bad. I mean really bad. the calls that I hear on a daily basis are appalling. Skype, a "free" service, does a 100X better job. although there are round trip delays that make talking sometimes less than ideal. but if the service on an iPhone costs $100 a month it should be crystal clear.


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almost 18 months later… CarPlay is still not really a thing. this is what happens when you partner with companies. all the cool that could happen dies in committee.

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