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FaceTime quite working on all 3 iPhones

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I have an iPhone 5, My wife a 5S and my daughter a 5C. Yesterday all 3 of us could not FaceTime with anyone on any network. It just kept saying connecting.

The first occasion was all of us sitting on a Wendy's on LTE. My brother in law tried FaceTime with my wife and daughter with no luck. Minutes would go by with it saying "Connecting". I could not connect with my daughter while she sat across the table form me.

When we came home same scenario on the house wifi and LTE. I rebooted all devices and everything was the same. My brother in law FaceTimed with his mom who was at a 3rd location just fine. Then my daughter answered his FaceTime call from her iPad and it all worked just fine. Showed "Connecting" for a few seconds and it worked great. She was on the wifi. The one commonality is all 3 versions of an iPhone 5 on any network will not work. To the best of my knowledge we all have the latest system version too.

I have tried restoring the phones yet. There has to be something else coming into play when it's 3 phones like that. Find it hard to believe we have 3 defectie phones that were bought at 2 different locations at 3 different times.

Welcome any thoughts or ideas.

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Have to say I really have no idea, but another commonality is your provider. Are there any Settings related which may be blocking FaceTime?

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I figured this out awhile back sorry I didn't post it. There was a certificate issue. My wife's iPhone, daughter's iPhone and iPad just needed a system update and they were fine. I actually found the answer buried in the Apple site somewhere. Took quite a while though.

Thanks for trying though.

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