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Multiple video output, each screen with different content

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I need help identifying the right hardware and software to accomplish the following.


A system that controls 14 video displays all in 14 different rooms. A centralized control system that would allow one video streamed to all of them simultaneously, or being able to select any one or multiple of those screens to play individual content when needed.


These are for 14 exam rooms in a doctors office that would continually play kid friendly movies. As needed, an individual room would need the capacity to run a short educational video on a given topic.


Currently the monitors are already in every room. They are all wired into a DVD player that simply loops movies.

I would prefer to control all of this with the Mac Mini we already have.



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wired gigabit eithernet and 15 Apple TVs. or just about any hardware video player. the thing serving that is the trick. you will need multiple ethernet cards to segregate the network so support the bandwidth used by the video X the number of streams. you need to figure out the datarate of the movie. next you need the MAX datarate of your network segments. in order play the whatever video you need overhead on the segment otherwise it will sta-sta-stutter. so like 50%? sure.


or keep existing wired system in place then add the appleTVs so it can play from a wireless network. you will need to change the input then then select the video to play. what a pain…


better yet. leave everything alone. put the educational only played once in a while video on an iPad or the doctor's phone. retrieve or play on phone as needed.

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For the looping content on all monitors you would be better off distributing that through an RF system or the much more expensive video distribution amp solution. Then when you want individual content I would change inputs, say to a HDMI input with an Apple TV. Using RF (or CATV) for the loop will also save bandwidth of your network. You know you could also buy the smallest iPod Touches, one for each room, and then get an HDMI adapter for them and just switch the inputs over and play from the iPods.

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