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One click now takes two

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joenspa    26

I'm stuck in Brazil with horrible internet and now both my laptops are acting up horribly.

MacBook Pro 10.8.5 - Everything that use to take 1 click now takes 2. Not really a double click it just seems to ignore the first click.

MacBook Air 2011 10.9.3 - Unbelievably horribly slow. This is the second time this month. (In Brazil working on World Cup.) If a window opens it takes 4-5 seconds and you can see it happen in steps. The spinning beach ball of death is on my screen more than the cursor. Reloading the system fixed it last time. Why would I have to reinstall my system twice in 10 days?

Between 2 computers acting up and internet access that is so inconsistent down here I'm at my wits end and can't think. If you need more data let me know. To angry to think right now. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am here another week and if I can't use the MacBook Air I'll have real problems.


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Huskermn    33

Do you have plenty of free space on the hard drives? Less than 10% free space often bottlenecks things on older machines like mine. I don't know about SSDs

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joenspa    26

I did ponder that.

The MacBook Air has more than 50% available.

The MacBook Pro I can't remember for sure but it's at least 25% available. I have also been cleaning stuff off of it in order to make the Air my main machine.

Oddly enough he Air is working fine today. That's good I guess. The Pro still had it's issue this morning.

Question though. If you boot in Safe Mode how can you tell what all got shut off? Or maybe I should ask, how can I tell what extras are being loaded into my system.

Thanks Huskermn!

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