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the TRUE cost of a MacBook Pro

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13” listed at $1299, $1499, and $1799 with the 15” listed at $1999 and $2499. however, you should know that all of these Mac’s are not upgradeable. iFixit has determined these are the most unrepairable Mac’s ever made. for this reason alone you MUST purchase AppleCare to extend the warrantee repair to three years.
for the MacBook Pro 13 AppleCare costs $249 and $349 for 15. the hundred dollar difference is dubious if only because the parts inside either Mac are similar. the motherboard is practically identical. and if there is a cost difference it will be because of the screen and case being slightly bigger. [mod: the cost difference between the i5 and the i7 is likely the cause of the $100 difference.]
you should also MAX the ram to 16G for $200 at the time of purchase. you won’t be able to upgrade it easily so do it now. the future resale price will be a better because you have a MAX’d Mac. and even if there was a 3rd party option the cost difference will be about a a $100. get it from Apple.
anyway. when considering a MBP you need to add $450 to the 13 and $350 to the 15.


my thought is that if you are buying a MacBook Pro 15” the ONLY model you should consider is the $2.5K version with the GPU (rolling in at just over $3K with AC. gulp). otherwise save yourself a grand by going with the least expensive MBP13.

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