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I need to keep at least 2 categories/folders of things on my network;

1) Application archives

2) Old job archives

I want them on my network so I can access them from any of my computers at home or when I'm out of town. I have one drive attached now and it works as I want it. The problem is this is important data and I want a backup of it too. It's getting tougher to make a back up of this drive when I return home. I am wondering if there is a cheap and simple way to attach 2 drives to my Airport Base Station and have them mirrored. Has anyone done this? Can I format them this way and use a hub? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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you need a RAID 1 USB case. put two drives in a box, set the RAID to 1, plug it into the airport, and then format it. done. there are lots of options for cases.

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Thanks for the info John. It also hit me that I could attach 2 drives and then use Super Duper with the Smart Update feature to clone the drive. I'm saving your post but going to give this cheaper solution a try first.

Thanks again!

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