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iCloud keeps forgetting password....

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I asked this question on the Apple Discussions forum but thought I'd ask here too.....


Hi all-I have been having issues with Mail lately. I am running Mavericks (latest version) and Mail is 7.3.

First it keeps asking me for my password. I have lost count the number of times I have reentered it! But it keeps on asking. I enter the password in the popup window that says the iCloud password is incorrect. Sometimes it accepts it and the mail downloads but other times it doesn't.

The other issue is that in Mail Preferences if I go to Edit smpt settings iCloud is not listed. Comcast is but not iCloud. It's listed on the first screen of Mail Preferences.

The other question I have is the Incoming Mail Server-it says (in faint letters, not highlighted) p01-imap.mail.me.com. Is this what it should say? Out going is iCloud (iCloud). No TLS Certificate. Under the Advanced tab it says authentication if Password. Again, iCloud is not listed on this screen.

I wasn't aware that I changed anything. I did do the 2 step verification for iCloud today but the password issue has been going on for over a week. Looking forward to getting this mess straightened out! Judy


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Does the question come from the Mail.app or from iCloud?


In Mavericks the best way to reset passwords is via:

  • System Preferences > iCloud
  • System Preferences > Internet Accounts


In Mail.app:

  • Preferences > Accounts > Outgoing Mail servers: Remove any iCloud or old .mac, .Me smtp settings.



  • Search for any keys that are related to the account with trouble. Remove any redundant key's.
  • Keychain First Aid > Repair Keychain


Hope this helps,



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