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Persistent pop-ups in Safari and Chrome

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I recently I have encountered a number of Macs that are in trouble with Safari and Chrome.


The problem is a very persistent pop-up claiming that the computer is infected etc etc etc

Many of them leading to the Mac keeper site (I always end up uninstalling that crap)


Non of this worked:

  • Reset Safari
  • Uninstall Flash
  • Remove all Extensions
  • Remove all Website Data
  • Remove all internet plugins



I spend quite a bit of time in the system and user library removing all possible .plist, cashes and other files that could possible be related to this problem but had no luck.


What did work was:

  • Opening the package content of Safari
  • Downloaded and installed combo update 10.9.5
  • Delete Chrome and all the related data in the User Library
  • Reinstall Chrome


I wander if there is a more effective way to cure this problem, I have the feeling this might be jus the beginning....


Looking forward to your replies,







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This very well could be adware that they somehow worked onto their system. There is a pretty good guide on where to look for the nefarious files here: http://www.thesafemac.com/arg-identification/. You could also try running a scanner like Sophos or Avast both which are free. I've also used MacScan in the past to confirm there is no maleware on the Mac.


If there really isn't maleware then you probably want to block the source URL for the ads in the browser. You could use an adblocking add-on or do it manually.

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Looking trough the list of recommendations of "The Safe Mac" I think I did all of that. Not a fan of installing Sophos / Alvast and MacScan as would have to uninstall it again from every machine. I will give "Adware Medic" a try the next one I encounter.


Usually these issues are fairly easily resolved by resetting or deleting a certain file. But this one took me over an hour of sifting trough the entire system. Only to be resolved by a blunt method of deleting and reinstalling the browsers. Hoping to find a more effective solution by identifying the file causing the trouble.


Smiles across the wires,


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