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Having issues swapping out hard drive on old iMac

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I have a 2006 iMac (iMac4,1) and its hard drive finally died. It was a 250GB HD. I ordered a 1TB drive from OWC and made sure it was compatible. Once it arrived, I proceeded to switch out the hard drives. I have installed RAM before and recently switched my MacBook Pro to an SSD drive, but this was the most difficult project when it came to working on my Macs. I followed the instructions very carefully and managed to put the iMac together again. The new drive comes unformatted, so I started the computer and inserted the original install disc with the intention of formatting the new hard drive using Disk Utility. This is where my problems started.


I can see the drive in Disk Utility, but the size shows 7.3TB instead of 1.0TB. Also, when I try to format it using Erase or Partition, I get an error message "The disk cannot be formatted: input/output error." When I called OWC, they said the drive was bad and sent me a replacement. After replacing the replacement drive, I got the same error message when trying to format. Anyone out there know what is going on and how I can format this drive??? Could it be that the original install disk doesn't know how to format a 1TB drive?


Also, I am not able to eject the install disk. I've tried terminal commands and other tricks. Any help would be appreciated.


Also, can I boot off of a thumb drive with a Yosemite installation on an iMac4,1?

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sounds like that drive won't work in that Mac. like the SATA3-ness of it is not switching down to SATA1. try a different brand of drive.

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