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old podcast with Startup Manager icon instructions

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I can't find an old podcast with instructions on how to change the boot drives' icons in the Startup Manager screen (when you press Option during startup). Any suggestions on where to find it? It can't find anything online either.


My Mac Mini has an old MacBook icon and I'd like to change it.



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click on the hard drive icon. press Commnd-I or select Get Info from the File menu. click on the icon on the top. see how it selects? now find some icons. like http://iconfactory.com/. click on the one you like. command-I. click the icon. type command-c. click the hard drive. type command-I. click the icon again. type command-V.



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John- the icons used in the Finder for hard drives are not the same as the icons used on the Startup Manager screen. To illustrate this, my Startup Manager screen on my Mac Mini shows the main boot drive with an icon I made of the old black MacBook, which was my previous Mac. A couple years ago, I migrated the MacBook to the Mac Mini.


I got the idea to change this icon from Adam but it was so long ago, I can't remember!

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