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Safe Car Charger for a Macbook Pro 2011...

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Could anyone suggest [any] possible way to keep a Macbook Pro 2011 charged on a long road trip?


I'd like it to charge fairly easily and without any overheating to the battery.


Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Macbook has about 620 cycles [about 3 years in cycle charges...]
  • OS X Lion 10.7.5 & a version of Microsoft Office 2011...
  • Possible access to a lighter-based "outlet"…


Thank you for any and all help, ^_^








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a 12V power inverter is the easiest solution. for a MacBook Pro you need 95W while the smaller MacBook uses 65W. generally the rule of inverter is to get something that will make double the power that you need. but this is more of a guideline. while there are lots of options start with something inexpensive.




if you want to get into the specifics of this type of product you will find a that lots of people have opinions about what is good or best for computers. the thing is the Apple power adapter is made for world power. it works all the way down to 50V AC and all the way up to 250V. that's a HUGE range. and being worldly means it has to deal with less than remarkable AC. like something that is not zactly 50/60Hz all the time. whatever power in other words. what you put it in will make the DC voltage your Mac needs without worrying about the Mac. and no matter how dirty the power you put it something clean will come out the other side.


finally, if the power supply fries because the power is too funky it generally does not take the Mac with it.

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