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At what point do I give up on Migration Assistant??

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Hi! I'm trying to be patient (not my norm). I am waiting for Migration Assistant to transfer my files & folders from my 2011 MBP 1T non-SSD to my new 2014 MBP 1T SSD. I tried to do the transfer myself but messed it up. So I started this process LAST SATURDAY (March 28th). It is now April 1. They are connected via Thunderbolt. It's been at the "about 1 minute remaining since Sunday. It's Wednesday!!! There has been progress BUT IT'S TAKING FOREVER AND A DAY! Since there is infinitesimal progress I hate to quit the process BUT I'm getting getting old just waiting. I have a new machine that I am not able to use... I'm dyin' a slow death. When do I give up??? And how do I know what's transferred and what remains to be transferred? Agonizing in Maryland, Judy

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the very last time I used Migration Assistant was the last time I will ever use it. it caused more problems than it solved. since then when moving to a new Mac my new steps are to move the specific files to the specific user folder then chown recursively the permissions. it takes about the same amount of time.

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