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Should Apple Pay royalties for songs I already own.

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It seems odd that there is a tad bit of double dipping and there is potential payouts happening to labels / artists ( not that that is a bad thing )


So if I have purchased music that had been matched uploaded and I listen to that specific track or song - of course there are no payouts to that play - because that was done so at the point of purchase (hopefully)


However now that there is  Music and you are requested to indicate your interests so that the service can find you music including tracks you already (own) and have in your collection.


When you are listening to the  Music stream (the "For You" section) and it includes the majority of songs in your library - these plays are coming from the streaming service and not from your library or Match - and thus a royalty payout would be counted.


And if you click the download link you get yet another track for the protected version, and each play = pay.


Thinking of a logical flow chart you would expect the system to branch to either the stream or your library - since Apple knows what already in your library from Match service.


One would think that if the "play list" encounters tracks that exist in your library or match to play that version (priority) of the song ( no royalties paid ). And then for songs that you do not already have then stream it with royalties.





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why would you care? while I am all about musicians getting paid (when there is money being collected) it's not for me to worry about them. the musician made the choices that got them to there. they got a contract. they got paid for making the album. and are continuing to do whatever it takes to support a lifestyle that allows them to do music.

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Welcome to the MacCast Forums. That's an interesting question you bring up. The answer would depend on what the contract states. Are artists being paid per play or a portion of the overall popularity of their streams?

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