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How to produce a YouTube video from audio recording and Powerpoint slides?

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Although I'm relatively experienced with Macs and have worked with video in the past, I'm currently a bit stuck on the best overall approach to a project I have at the moment.


I have an audio recording in MP3 format of a talk and corresponding PowerPoint slides. I need to combine these into a YouTube video, so that the PowerPoint slides advance in time with the talk - this will require manual input, as the slides are not timed.


I thought that PowerPoint 2008 (the version of Office that I have at my disposal) had this functionality built in, via the File >> Save as Movie... option, but it doesn't seem to work properly - even if I setup the slide transition timings, the movie file produced is 2 seconds long, goes straight to the final point without any transitions and does not include the selected background audio track.


So I'm looking at other options to get this done.


One option is Camtasia 2 for Mac - in essence using it to capture a screen grab of the PowerPoint deck being advanced in time to the recorded audio. However I anticipate that this will probably produce very, very large video files, as the audio recording is 30 mins long. Camtasia 2 isn't cheap at £80, plus I also had an old version of Camtasia Studio for Windows back around 2003 and it was very, very buggy indeed. So I'm rather hesitant to drop that much cash on another product from the same company.


Does anyone know of a better way to do this, using free, or more affordable good quality software which will produce a reasonable quality end result?


Many thanks,



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get a talking head in there and switch between the slides and the person. use this tool to help you.



use the built-in screen recording tool.




ScreenFlow has a tiny editor built in.




or search for "screen capture mac" for other option.

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Thanks John - so is screen-capture of the PowerPoint deck really the only way to do it?


Good idea about the talking head - but unfortunately in this instance I don't have a video of the person doing the talk.

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I've done something similar using Keynote. Cut up the audio to match the corresponding slide, add the audio segment to the slide, and set the transitions accordingly. Export movie.

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you can use iMovie (either version), Premiere, Final Cut, AViD, MovieMaker, Vegas, or any other editor to cut the movie together. it's the same 4 steps.


1) import the audio. mark the times where the slide changes.

2) import the slides which were saved as JPGs or PNGs. drag a slide the timeline. align it to the time, drag the length to the next slide change.

3) export.

4) watch it then fix the tiny early or late points.


you could cam it. print the sides on paper. then put them on a stand in front of a camera. play back the audio and move to the next printed slide on cue. import the video, remove the audio from it. then replace it with the original audio. export, upload, done. Dylan did it first, INXS copied it. American Rejects pushed the idea a bit too video…



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I've used the iMovie (new version) solution before. Was the biggest pain in the @$^&$ i've ever had. It was far easier to export the slides as a movie with timing and adding the audio in GarageBand.

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