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iOS 8.4 music without Apple Music service way too complex

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So we've updated our devices to iOS 8.4, and we don't subscribe to Apple Music... OUCH. The interface is the worst ever. So confused.


It's so hard to simply find and play a song. Somehow we create 'up next' lists that override the single song repeat option. It's a visual mess. Home Sharing is missing (we use it all the time from our HTPC Mac Mini). I just want the old music app back, Apple can keep their new music update!


Is there a third party music app (ha!) that can play music from the phone that's simple?


edit - this probably should be in the mobile apps category, if an admin can move go ahead!

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Well the 8.4.1 update didn't make any changes I could notice to the Music app. I submitted feedback to Apple, I had 3 main complaints:

1 - No activity indicator after selecting "Make available offline" - I have no idea if the tracks are downloading or not, the indicator that the individual tracks are or aren't on the phone are so tiny!

2 - Sorting by "Album" (once I finally figured out how to change the sorting) actually sorts all of the albums by Artist. This is fine if you know the artist, but doesn't help when I don't know the artist, or it's a compilation.

3 - Overall I find the app cluttered, with touches in very subtly different locations doing very different things (touching the teensy album art starts to play the track, but touching the text right next to the album art displays the track, etc).


I feel like the Music app is designed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, if you have a 4 or 5 there is just too much stuff in too small of a screen. The old Music app handled it all fine. Navigation was simple and straightforward, very "apple like". The new Music app has too much crammed into too small of a space, it feels like they just said "screw the small screen users, this will sell more phones". There needs to be a "Simple" interface option!


Oh well, I guess that's life with the Apple gear. Sometimes you get changes you don't like whether you want them or not. Learn to love the new or don't ever upgrade again!

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