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iTunes for Windows/music on iPhone

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Hello all.


My daughter is using iTunes for Windows and is trying to sync her iphone. When her iphone pops up in iTunes and she goes to ckeck the sync box in music it is not there. The check box also does not appear when she clicks on photos or apps. The sync box is there for tones and books though.

When she clicks on photos section it says "icloud is on nd photos can be downloaded."Is there some way to go back to a previous version of iTunes to get the sync boxes back? She is running Windows 7 with the the latest version of iTunes and ios 9.2, I think was the most recent upgrade.


Also, on her iphone with wi-fi turned off, she cannot listen to any of her music because of this lack of sync. She gets a message letting her know cellular needs to be turned on in settings. But we don't need another data usage.


Finally, onn her laptop, I am the administrator from when I had the laptop when I used it when we first bought it, so the machine is continuaally asking me to use my icloud/apple id. How can I just make the laptop all her id's and icloud.


THANK YOU so much for any help you can give me. I know ths was alot

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