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Airport Express

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Hello all.


I was wondering if I need to get a new Airport Express. I have had mine since about 2006. I tried to upgrade to the Cox 100 mbps package and am not getting anything close. With all their speed tests and talking to them, I could only get 37 mbps. I am running an early mac book pro 2011 running OS 10.11.2 on 4G of ram. I do know I need to upgrade ram.

Thank you ahead of time for any help and Merry Christmas!



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the problem is not your Airport. it is the BOX/router/modem for the cable connection.

DOCSIS 1.x or 2 systems is limited to a usable 38 Mbps.

you need a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible cable modem to take advantage of 100 Mbps. the 3 version allows for combining as many as 4 channels of bandwidth. you may NOT have to lease a new from your provider. as compatible boxes that you can purchase should work without issues. although it is COX… YMMV.

this is the modem that most of the world uses… http://amzn.to/1OSw6nC

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Thank you so much johnfoster. I took your advice and my wifi is cruising! Thank you again

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