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Sendlater is gone Mailbutler is to expensive

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Sendlater plugin for Mail has disappeared and been replaced with Mailbutler.


This app offers some great features and I am happy to pay for software but this is outrageous!

If you have more than one email account you need to upgrade to a pro version of more than $5 per month per email account with a minimum of 10 accounts! Sorry for not knowing the exact price as it will only show you after you install and create an account and doesn't reveal it on their website.

But ++$50 per month to add some features to my Apple Mail ???


I have searched for alternatives but so far have come up empty handed.



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Wish I could help but the older I get, the less I keep up with some stuff. I'm still using a 2011 iMac on 10.7.5 and really don't even rely that much on email anymore (except at work which is a totally MS environment). I've evolved from phone to email to texting for most of my communications. I also use Facebook and Twitter but they are definitely secondary 'feeds' for me.


I looked at Sendlater and Mailbutler and I'm not totally sure what they really do, so couldn't envision what I would use either to accomplish. Not bring to dimiinsh your need, just can't really relate. Sorry.

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I was able to reach the developer Feingeist via Twitter.

After I send them some crash reports and gave them the account I was able to install it and activate it without trouble.

The new business model is that you can use it 30X per month. Above that you have to purchase a license at $5 per month. Mailbutler does include some other very neat features. But still it pisses me off that a Plugin that I bought was broken with a upgrade of OSX and now we are forced to buy a new version...

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How about Mail Act-On https://smallcubed.com/mao/ £27.00 (not sure in dollars) it will send mail at a later time as well as other features, I've always found it reliable.

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