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Webpages / "Dynamic" Content in Keynote?

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tbillini    0

I recently bought / installed a Mac Mini that I'm using to drive a lobby "display" in my office. I have a looping slideshow that is working fantastic (in all Apple-y goodness!) , for the most part...


I'd really like to include some slides with "dynamic" content... Current weather, 5 day forecast, news headlines, etc...


Can Keynote do this?


If not (From what I can tell, it can't... Feh.) , are there any other (preferably low-cost) OSX applications that CAN?






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Calum    3

Sounds like you could probably use something like Status Board... but unfortunately that's only for iOS :/

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MacCast    80

There used to be that feature built into keynote but I don't see it in the current version. I did find this, https://www.liveslides.com. Seems to let you embed live web pages on keynote slides. Maybe you could code up an HTML page with the widgets and data you want and just use that to load it on a keynote side?

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