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All-in-one printer recommendation?

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Currently I have a HP USB printer which is beginning to stop working. And I also have a Canon USB scanner.


HP printer is wireless for now, thanks to Time Capsule, but I can't print directly from a Chromebook because there's no Google Cloud Print support.


Canon's latest bundled software has a scanner app that's very buggy, and they haven't updated their software since Mac OS X v10.6.


Ideally I am looking for an all-in-one that has at least Ethernet or WiFi connectivity with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support. SD card support would also be a plus: if the hardware can function fully independent of a notebook, then I wouldn't have to worry about manufacturers providing weak support for non-WIndows notebooks.

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the printer scene changes from year to year. meaning I start by reading the reviews in PC World and PC Magazine. mostly for an overview of what is working, out now, and what to stay away from. and I base the reports on the Brother multi-function laser printer that has been the workhorse for my office for the last 6 years. this printer does not Air or Google print (sadly). but it does FAX. and it will stack scan a pile of paper. it works. hurray.


this one got an editor's choice. seems workable.


there is another interesting printer (also an Editor's choice). why is it? BiG cheap cartridge. the review makes a point of them. and it is a Brother. meaning not evil HP. hmm.




the good news is you can find either of these printers at retail at either Best Buy or Office Whirld so you can see them work before you buy. and the price seems to be the same same as buying online.


this is where I would start. good luck.

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I recently obtained an HP OfficeJet 3830 that we really like. Totally wireless so we can all print from our phones, laptops and desktops. And, if I want to print something remotely, I can attach what I want printed to an email. Sorry, don't know about Google Print support cuz I don't have/want a Chromebook


I also signed up for the cheapest version of Instant Ink, so after X number of prints, HP sends me new Ink cartridges They claim it has saved me $7.50 in the first month, but the savings aside, it's SO convenient to not have to find the right print cartridges at a store.

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