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Cant sync music library from itunes to iphone

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sdsteven    3

Good morning.


I just picked up an iPhone 7S+ and plugged it into my laptop. I tried to sync my music library but it says it is stored in the iCloud. I tried to sync with iTunes preferences also with no luck. I am running iTunes 12.2.2 and the latest version of OS Sierra.Tanks ans Merry Christmas ahead of time for any help

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joenspa    26

I see this is an old post but I have this too. Unfortunately it's by design and I wish they would change it. Once iCloud Music Library is turned on it wipes out all the music stored on your phone (or iPad) and you must access it via the internet. Basically streaming your content. Generally works great except quite often I am without internet. i.e. on a plane, in a foreign country or in the basement of a venue.

You can go to your device and download what you want by tapping the cloud icon but this can take awhile if you want most of your library actually stored on your device.

I really wish they would go back to letting us download or sync with our computers. If it wasn't for Apple Music I would shut it off.

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Huskermn    33

Have to say this is why I have never done Apple Music.  I was having sync problems in the days before Apple Music and decided using it would make things even worse.  I am very old school.  I like owning my music and having it on my device.  It's why I bought an original iPod.^_^

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MacCast    80

You really just need to decide which camp you're in. Do you want to "rent" your music and stream it or do you want to own it and sync it. To that end I THINK you can "mix and match" a bit. What you'll need to do is enable Apple Music on your Mac and download the stuff you want to sync your devices there. Once it's on your Mac I believe you should be able to "sync" what you want to your devices. The licensing should work since your Apple Music subscription is tied to your iTunes ID. If I' wrong on this I'm sure someone here will correct me. ;)

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