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List view in Calendar?

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My Calendar has gotten bloated with calendars. What I am wanting to do is see a list of everything on a calendar to see if I need to keep that one or if I can delete that calendar. Right now all I do is use month view and a lot of scrolling. Any ideas on if it's even possible to do this?

Ultimately what I would like to do is combine a few calendars into one too. Hoping to use Export/Import for that but if you have any other ideas now that is welcomed too.

Thanks folks!

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Not sure about Apple Calendar, but Fantastical has a list view by default in it's sidebar.

As far as moving calendars you should be able to just open the event for editing and change which calendar it's in from the dropdown. No need to export and re-import. Obviously it's more manual though. Seems to me if the plan is to just export from one calendar and import into another then you really wouldn't need the list view, right? Or is that more just for cleaning up (i.e deleting entries)?

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It's 2 fold. Cleaning and then moving in mass if necessary. I have Fantastical so I'll check that out. 


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