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Photo Deleting Craziness

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Photos is about to drive me nuts. Some of my Photos automatically download to my laptop but not all of them. I will admit I have not done full blown trouble shooting on this but I don't see pattern. I am NOT using iCloud Photo Library but I am using My Photo Stream.

So today I imported from my phone what hadn't been done yet, with the box checked to delete after importing. But because of this craziness I still have 1,931 photos in my camera roll on my iPhone.

Anything I imported today is in Photos and My Photo Stream on my laptop but not my iPhone. Anything that has automatically downloaded to my laptop is in My Photo Stream at both locations.

If I delete any of the 1,931 photos left in my Camera Roll on my iPhone it deletes it from from the Camera Roll and Photo Stream on my phone but NOT on my laptop.

I have found Photos so unpredictable that I kind of quite doing anything with it. It's impossible for me to manage. Do you folks think I have something corrupt or that I just don't understand what Apple wants me to do?

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.01.43 PM.png

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I seem to remember having this issue with Photo Stream as well, or something similar. In my case it would report that photos were not imported when they were and when I would manually import I'd wind up with duplicates. Basically it's not recognizing the imported photos as matching what's in the camera roll. I believe I contacted Apple support about this and they were aware of a "bug", but had no ETA on when it would be fixed. Sounds like it's still an issue.

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In my opinion way too many bugs right now. They need to step back, clean up and make it "just work".

Did you find a work around?

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