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App "Sublime Text" does not show in the open dialog menu for files with a .log ext on Mac Os

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I originally posted this on the Sublime Text forum in hopes of getting some feedback, but so far none has come. So I am posting here to the Maccast forum to see if anyone else can use this information, or if anyone else has any better ideas.

I am on Mac Os Sierra, running Sublime Text build 3126. A number of file extensions work correctly, i.e. right-click on a .java file or .json file and I see Sublime Text in the open with dialog. However if I do the same with a file ending in .log, Sublime Text doesn't appear and I have to select Other and locate Sublime Text from items in the applications folder.

I have fixed this on my machine but it may not survive an update and maybe there is a "Sublime Text" way of accomplishing this. Here is what I did.

I went to the Sublime Text.app, did show package. Then I went into Contents and edited info.plist, and yes I had backups :)
I changed the following adding the log extension:
<string>Plain Text</string>

Then I did lsregister -f /Applications/Sublime\ Text.app
so that it would re-read the info.plist and add the log extension and I can now right click on a .log file and have it opened from the menu without the extra work of having to look through the Applications.

Thanks for you time in advance.

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did you try the Command-I "Open with:" then click the Change All button?





Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.32.21 PM.png

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Both of these answers are correct, but in different ways. The one @johnfoster is recommending will mean that the `.log` files will always open with Sublime Text as the default (may or may nor be what you want). Chances are though that without the fix @djurgensen describes Sublime Text would not even show up in the 'Open With:' list (at least not as a "recommended" application). The PLIST hack he describes is needed so OS X even knows that Sublime Text is a valid app for opening `.log` files. Of course that's just for the 'show recommend' list. You could always select the 'Show all' or 'Other…' from the dropdown and choose any app you want.

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