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iPhone/iTunes frequently not updating play counts

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I've noticed this increasing the past month or so.  Syncing my iPhone 6 with iTunes used to have a handful (maybe three) songs that wouldn't be updated in iTubes after listening to them all the way through on the phone.  Within the past month that has increased to whole albums many of which used to sync play dates and play counts fine.  Has anyone else noticed this or know of a fix?  Annoying as hell.

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I have not noticed this, but have not been paying that close attention. That would be very annoying though. Is it only an issue with tracks played on the iPhone or if you play the track in iTunes on the mac is it the same issue? Have you verified that the email you're login into iTunes on the iPhone is EXACTLY the same email you're logged into iTunes on the Mac with? I've noticed problems when say I use my '@mac.com' address on one device and then my '@me.com' address on another. Both are technically the SAME address for logging into iTunes, but Apple's sync systems seem to get thrown off by it.

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It's specific to being played on the iPhone.  And it's intermittent.  Some tracks don't sync one and sync the next time.  I'll try the login ID and see if that helps, thanks.


EDIT:  Yep.  exact same login on both

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