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Who do you contact when Apple Pay doesn't work at retailer?

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We use Apple Pay whenever and wherever we can. We've been to 4 local Panera Bread locations and Apple Pay doesn't work at any of them (for me, anyway) or success is spotty. One location told me, after I'd had yet another payment declined, that oh yeah, you have to use the other terminal, this one doesn't work. It's not my card, it always works when I use it manually. Panera is the only place my Apple Pay doesn't work.

So do I contact the retailer? the bank? Apple? What incentive does the retailer have to make sure their terminals work right? I assume they have some way of knowing how many sales are paid for with Apple Pay, but if my card is declined every time, would they know that I'm trying?

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Apple does have an Apple Pay section on their support site. I would say start there. There does seem to be a link on that page, near the bottom, called "Help me with Apple Pay" with a link for customers. Clicking that starts a help "wizard". I don't know if there is path to get you connected with a real person. If that doesn't work also at the bottom the same screen is an "Apple Pay Feedback" section and link. It does take you to a form and one of the options is, "I'm a customer and Apple Pay did not work as expected", so maybe that will work.

Personally I can tell you at more and more retailers I'm being told Apple Pay doesn't work. This includes some retailers where I've used Apple Pay in the past. To make things worse, often the clerks will also add, …"but Samsung Pay works". It's annoying. I think Apple has a SERIOUS Apple Pay issue at retail. It's all fine and great that they have bank and credit card company support, but if it doesn't work at the point of sale then the whole thing is a failure. Apple really needs to become a better partner with retailers in my opinion.

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Hi, been listening to your comments regarding Apple Pay and one of the weird things I have been experiencing with Apple Pay in the UK is that since around the time of 10.2/10.3 there have been glitches that were not there before. Specifically what's happening is that the connection to the reader and I get the notification to my phone telling me the charge has been made. However, despite what I see on my screen, the sales person says the transaction has not gone through, which in the early days of this happening, resulted in arguments between the sales person and I, with me saying I had been charged. Now I realise that there is a glitch in the system and I honestly tap my phone back on the reader and leave it longer and this now seems to work. Now this slow process seems mostly in retail environments and there is no logic as to why some work quickly and others do not. Railway ticket gates work like lightning on Apple Pay so I'm presuming it's the retail devices that are not equipped to take full advantage of the speed that Apple Pay can work at. However, there are times now when it just feels more secure and safer to use the debit card and tap and pay with that. Would like to add that at no time was I doubly charged so at least the bank or the Apple Pay system seems secure at this point. 

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