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raindrop.io app review....

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I guess this fits under the Software Stuff. If not, let me know and I will post it under a different category. 

Back in show #638 the subject of syncing bookmarks came up and raindrop.io was recommended. I went to their website and liked what I saw and thought it was the answer to my issue of bookmarks not syncing. So I plunked down the money ($28 + $.84 for the difference in currency-I am in the U.S.). The first issue that I had was that I was charged twice for the software. Admittedly, it might have been my fault but it was taken care promptly and the money was credited to my account. BUT the real issue was that I couldn't get Dropbox enabled so that it would sync from my Mac to my iOs devices. 

So I contacted them through their website and explained that I did enable the Dropbox feature (which I paid for through my Pro purchase) but it wouldn't stay enabled. It wouldn't sync to Dropbox. I waited for a reply. And I waited. Nothing. Not one word. Nada.

So I contacted them through their website again and again explained the issue. And I waited for a reply. And I waited. No reply. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Which is strange because they must have read my earlier message about being charged twice because they credited my account. 

So I contacted them again. I wasn't maybe quite so nice this time when I contacted them. I told them that I was hoping to use their software but I was having a problem with it. Could someone please help? No reply. No word back. Nothing. Nada. Zip. 

I believe I contacted them one more time with the same result. No reply. Nothing. 

So then I contacted them and told that since they obviously aren't providing customer support I wanted my money back. And I got a full refund. 

So I just wanted to share my story in dealing with the app raindrop.io. I hope that no one else has had the same problem in getting customer support. They obviously don't have any. 

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Interesting read.  Thanks.


Made me curious so I read some articles and went to the website.  Nice website but missing a key ingredient for me - About Us.  There is absolutely no real contact information.  The Help link appears to be a direct to another application.  I'm betting it's one person who came up with the app and it's impossible to support adequately so if it works, great, keep the money.  If something goes wrong just do a refund.


PS - I find I don't really USE bookmarks anymore.  I have many many many but probably just keep the tab ad infinitum or google the topic again. :)


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Ah. I think you are right! One person and no customer service and he/she hopes that it works. If not, refund.

I am into genealogy and when I find a website that has records for NC, for instance, it's not always easy to find that one particular website. I bet it can work for most websites but some are a bit 'hidden'.

Thank you for your comment and I hope the review can save other people from the frustration I had with the app. 

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