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streaming iphone to tv without apple tv

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Hi guys and gals, 

I was just curious if there's a way to stream content from my iPhone X to my tv. I don't have an apple TV. I've tried different Samsung apps on my tv but nothing works except youtube. Is there anything I could plug my phone and tv in to share content this way? or do I need an apple tv? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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I thought you might be able to do it with a Chromecast, but I have been unsuccessful streaming to my Chromecast from my iPhone 7

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I have used all the "stream to TV" things: Chromecast, Mi Box, AppleTV, FireTV. what I found was mixed results. the ATV worked really well with the iPhone and not so well with Android. while the Chromecast worked really well with Android but mixed with an iPhone. this was not a surprise. thus the presentation display for demos at my office had both making it easy for anything to display. 

it really is/was too bad that FruitCo did not make a "businessTV" given how easy it was to connect a Mac to it.  

I would not buy a new AppleTV as the 2nd gen will work as well as the newest version. look on eBay or Craiglist where you will find one for about $5o. by comparison a new Chromecast costs less than that. or spend a little more money to get a Mi Box. it has the Chromecast feature built into it as well as all the other things it does.

this Macworld article describes the experience you can expect with the Chromecast.

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