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Alternative to Circus Ponis Notebook

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I really miss the ease of use and intuitive structure of Notebook. Has anyone found a good alternative, preferably that might easy import of my old CP  Notebook files?

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I ran into the exact same problem when Notebook stopped working on High Sierra.  There isn't anything that works just like Notebook, but the alternative I found worked the best for me was Outline https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/outline-your-digital-notebook/id604802021?mt=12 


Not as full featured in terms of fonts, etc, but it's the closest I found that uses tabs and sections the way I prefer.  Best of all you can import your Circus Ponies Notebook files as well.





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I have like for Microsoft OneNote. although for some stupid reason the "app" version has stopped being developed. so I recommend it with one hand behind my back with fingers crossed because I am okay with no more new features as the OneNote does everything I need it to do.

ON has replaced all my TXT files like TADO.txt, what.txt, passwords.txt and projects.txt. it was a mess to keep all this up to date and sync'd between the machines. in the case of servers that I keep track of, every time I get a new login/password and details I take it out of the email or TXT then log it into the SERVERS panel of OneN. then, without thinking about it that goes to all the places I might have to log in to do work or rescue or make reboot happen. 

I looked at BEAR and Things and other online only note tools. nice features. but the deal breaker for all of them was I needed notes on four platforms not just Mac.


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