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Little Macbook Pro that Could...

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I realize that I'm adding to a thread/discussion several years after the original post.

I'm currently using a 2011 13in. Macbook Pro.  [It maintains a 500GB Hard Drive & 2.7G Hz iCore i7 processor.] Also, my Macbook Pro is running iOS Sierra and an often failing, incredibly ancient version of MS Office 2011.

Can I easily upgrade the RAM to 16GB from 4 [2 GB in each ] slot? Or is it better to upgrade to 8GB [ 4GB in each] slot?

Different websites, including Apple and Amazon, continue to offer different RAM options and discussions. Mactracker says it can take both....

Any recommendations?


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verifying… yes. according the memory sellers the 2011 MBP will support 16GB of RAM. if you are upgrading then spend the little extra money for more. remember, more is more. there is a benefit to a point and after that there is not much help from the more is more feature.

Photoshop, for example, does not get better above 2GB. at least for the stuff I do. so I clamp it at that so the rest  of my tools do not get RAM starved. the default setting for PS is to gobble up 80%. 

and as long as you are spending money on upgrades get a 500GB SSD. this is like getting a new Mac. boot speed will drop from over a minutes to around 20 seconds. put the old spinny hard drive in an optical bay sled (yes remove the burner as you never use it anymore or is broken) for extra storage. and it helps with the transfer of all you stuff to the new SDD using CCC.

optional optical drive sled. search eBay for "Universal Optical bay 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy":

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 12.51.44 PM.png

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