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Switch HD formatting from Case Sensitive to Case Insensitive

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Ok, your first question probably is why I want to do this?
Well, actually I don't want to do this, but I see no other option.

I was using MS's OneDrive on my iMac; and yes, I need OneDrive to work with my colleagues in two different companies. It's no option to move to e.g. Dropbox or iCloud.
Everything worked fine until I upgraded to Mojave and had some issues with a couple of files. I reformatted the HD (to not Case Sensitive) and wanted to import by backup data from the SuperDuper! backup. That was not possible as Mojave told me it couldn't import to a non-Case Sensitive formatted HD from a Case Sensitive backup. So I reformatted the HD again as Case Sensitive and everything worked fine, .... Except OneDrive.

Although OneDrive worked fine on my case-Sensitive HD in the past, I couldn't reinstall OneDrive anymore; case-sensitive HD's are no longer supported.

What can I do to convert my HD from case-Sensitive to non-Case Sensitive without having to install all my software manually again? Main reason: it would take a lot of time and I don't have installable copies of all my software anymore.

Thanks for any suggestion - really appreciated! 


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make a DMG that is CaSEinSentiveE with Disk Utility then have that image automatically mount after a reboot. make the size of it 200M bigger than OneDrive so it does not hang from being out of space (guessing on this). finally point the OneDrive app to the DMG. 



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Hello John,

Thanks for this option.
It's not the one I am looking for as a final solution, but for sure it's an option to the short/mid term.

Thanks again

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