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Applescript Utility in Mojave?

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Hi all!

I am currently using a 2012 Mac mini Server and a Synology DS416 to store the majority pf my media.  

I have many recordings of shows etc  stored in iTunes on the DS and I normally annotate the lyrics metadata with my notes about the recording,  I can (could) then search for a particular item.

In view of the limitations of the iTunes software relic, I was able, historically, to search in iTunes using the AppleScript Lyrics 1.0 (which incidentally I had a hell of job re-locating on the web!).

Previously I used the Applescript Utility to add this script but I notice that this does not exist in Mojave.

Any ideas please on how to use this now, or is there a more up-to-date approach?



PS how has the web become a real jungle?:  there appears to be such a mass of antique data out there which I have not yet found how to exclude (you will note how old this script is too!).


Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 11.53.03.jpg

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on Mohave AppleScript was largely removed. even the AppleScript Editor was renamed to Script Editor.


some of the functions of AS Utility were dropped into that app. for example the add to Menu feature.


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