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Bruce L

Monitor Resolution, Image Sizes and Learn From My Mistake

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This may be an opportunity for others to learn from my mistake. Of course if I am wrong please correct me. My wife has an older Mac mini, late 200, and because of the nature of the work she does her screen gets really crowded. So I decided to give her a new 32" ViewSonic curved monitor. Her previous monitor was 24". What I thought was that the images would remain the same size with the result that she could have more 'screen real estate'. Unfortunately it appears that what happened is that the images are now 50% larger. I appears that her computer's video card/chip has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is the same as the monitor's maximum resolution. By way of example, an icon on her desktop prior to the monitor upgrade was ½" long across the bottom. After the upgrade the same icon measured ¾" across the bottom. So she gained no additional working space just larger icons.

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nice to see that the display failed gracefully instead of just not working.

I am asked about old hardware all the time. "will this new thing work with my old thing?" sometimes yes. usually not. I do not guess anymore. looking up the specs before ordering away saves everyone time and money. "everymac" keeps the score better than Fruitco. here is their list of the Mac Mini.


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Thank you for the reply John. Actually her old monitor did not fail. My failure as you alluded to was that I have not kept up with monitor resolutions. I should have realized that the reason that this older 32" monitor cost less than half the price of the current equivalent from ViewSonic was because of the lower resolution. The result was that instead of seeing more information everything was just larger. My fault for not keeping up with this. Thankfully it was not a very expensive mistake. I will probably get her a higher resolution monitor to replace it and use this one myself as my eyesight is diminishing with age and with this monitor I might not need my glasses when using it.

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