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6 Days trying to Upgrade to Mohave from High Sierra Hangs at 80%..Help

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Please help me, I have projects I need to complete: Mac OS Mohave_Upgrade from High Sierra (5 days trying to install) Hangs on install. I have tried the following:

1: Download from Mac App Store and ran Mac OS Mohave Installer

2-Command + R, I have tried this

3-I tried to install from a 2008 MacBook Pro, using Target Disk Mode.

All of theses items get me to about 80 % and then it hangs, I will wait 3-8 hours and nothing, IO am forced to Force Shutdown.

When to boot up holding down Option Key,  I do not see my hard drive, it only shows 2 Mac OS Mohave Installers.

Please help me resolve this ASAP.

Thanks in Advance,



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make sure there is enough space on the disk you are trying to upgrade. a completely full disk will prevent it from working. 

the hard drive itself may be bad -- errors on tracks or sectors due to age. use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy it to a new SSD then do the upgrade on the new drive.

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