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iPod Nano - Review

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Well I'm sure that all of you have heard of the iPod Nano by now. It is a great device but here are some things I noticed. The screen is quite small when compared to the other line of iPods. The colour helps alot though, and it is nice to see the album art and the podcast artwork in full colour. Being that the device is small, it is easy to mishandle as well. I found it many times trying to slip out of my hand, or off the table. A holster is not included like with the iPod mini. I tried to connect my nano by firewire but it immediately said that it was not supported. A minor nuisance. As far as charging, there is no travel charger, so get used to plugging it in via USB. It syncs well with calenders, photos, contacts, podcasts and of course...music. I noticed that podcasts are now located in the main library on the iPod whereas before they were relegated to the podcast directory. I chose the white version, which is refreshing and the trademark iPod colour. The back is made out of polished metal so expect to have scratches.


Well, overall this is an amazing device and works fine out of the box. I chose the 4GB version and is well worth the $249. I give it a 9/10. Good job Apple! As for the ROCKR phone, I'll reserve my comments.

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