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All music invisible? Music empty! (Still works in iTunes)

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Hey all,


Running into an extremely weird problem. I can play all my music from iTunes fine, but my Music folder has become completely empty in the Finder as well as through the Terminal. If I do get info on it, I get "Zero KB" but as you can see from the images, I'm playing music from that folder just fine. Podcasts work fine as well.


Does anyone know what could have happened here? I was just about to back up all my music and take my 200th attempt at getting iTunes 5.0 working properly when I noticed the folder was apparently empty.

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Try doing this... right-click / control-click on the song in iTunes, and there should be an option like "Reveal in Finder" or "Show Song File" or something like that (I'm doing this from memory).... That should show you where the song is located in the Finder, and hopefully that might clear something up.


PS: Don't worry about it. You've got Weezer to enjoy. Heard the new album Make Believe yet? I really like it, despite what other's say...

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Ok, this shows the songs doing "Show Song File" in iTunes, and it's definitely within the music folder. However, when I try to navigate up the directory it just goes blank. So the files are DEFINITELY there, I just can't see them.


I've tried showing invisible files w/ Cocktail but it doesn't show anything...

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