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Web Receipts Folder

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Here's a good one that comes from the The Missing Manual (Tiger Edition) by David Pogue.


When you buy something online, you're usually presented with a receipt page in your web browser. Normally they suggest you print the document. However, if you don't feel like printing it, there's a quick and convenient way to save it as a PDF to a Web Receipts folder.


1) Choose "Print...".

2) Select "Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder" from the PDF button/menu.


If you don't already have this folder, it will be created for you the first time you save a web receipt. The folder is located in your Documents folder.


It's just a really nice and simple way to keep copies of receipts for all those items we buy online.

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Yep... that is the way that I always did it on my Windows machine. Seeing that option was very cool the first time I purchased something online after getting the Mac back in May. The Apple designers thought of everything. Bwah! ha! ha! 8)

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I stumbled onto this by accident after I first got Tiger, this is an awesome example of a simple Automator process. Great work Apple.



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