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I am trying to get my parents to switch their computer to apple. I don't know how long it will take, but here is a point my mom made. She asked if Novell group wise is compatable with apple. I don't know much about Novell. But if Novell is compatible with apple, I think we may have some switchers.

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Yes and No if you a Application that runs without the use of X11 you will have to weight until the Java based GroupWise Client is finished


However GroupWise can be accessed in a X11/ UNIX way (Novel is a Linux Vendor!!!!)


first download and install fink fink.sourceforge.net


use fink to install Novel Evolution


Software info



Package Info



This will Work as a GroupWise Front end (after all Novel Wrote it to be one)


For GroupWise Messaging it is fully Supported By AdiumX


(Adium is Based off of GAIM which as of lat has been getting Funding and programer support from Novel)




Side not but Only related because its Novell


BTW Ximian (a Devision of Novel) has Ported their Mono Framework (a Open source Implementation of the .NET Framework) to the macintosh i







Scary linux and Novel admin who uses a mac on the slide :)



Edit ok so i am a baka and they reliced a OS X client Evolution has worked so well i have not looked further

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Thanks guys for the help. I wil tell my mom about it. Maybe we can get the family on apple. Then the only person not wanting to use an apple would be my sister. She is not very computer savy, so I don't really blame her for not wanting to switch, but the apple OS is so easy I don't see how she would have a problem.

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