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Co-host wanted for bi-monthly Podcast...

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My name is James Andrew. I am currently undertaking a project that is quickly coming together called, "DJLM Monthly" (which stands for DJ Light & Magic). This "project" deals with the formation of a podcast that will broadcast every other Sunday. The central tenant of the show deals with the convergence of Music-Technology-Entertainment (in relation to the mobile DJ, VJ, KJ, and MC industry). During our bi-monthly 90 minute show, we will analyze and discuss several of the aforementioned topics. As host and co-host, we will be interviewing people in the industry, reviewing products, brainstorming new and provocative ideas, answering listener questions, participating in the forums on our corresponding web blog, doing research on specific topics to report, and a whole bunch more. If you're not sure what a podcast is, go to my website: djlmmonthly.com, and read the brief introduction that I have written.


It's an exciting endeavor, for we will not be constrained by FCC regulations, and bureaucracy (licensing, censure, etc). This will open up our discussion (vis-a-vis the topics of discussion) topics not permissible on conventional radio. Plus, we will not be limited in geographical range, as conventional radio stations are. As a matter of fact, we will be a broadcast that is internationally accessible. The podcast medium is quickly growing and becoming more popular, as more and more people are creating and listening to podcasts. There is a myriad of podcasts out there that cover everything under the sun (plus more). The good news is with THIS podcast will be covering a topic that is in demand and is currently untouched (from what I've seen so far) by this broadcast medium.


The position of co-host is an opportunity to participate in this exciting and rapidly growing medium (gosh, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial). You must know that #1, this is NOT a paid position. It IS however, and opportunity for you to expand your academic and professional portfolio (in regards to obtaining experience and credentials). And #2, although this ongoing project will be quite fun, there is a commitment of time and energy. If you choose to apply for the position of co-host, I estimate that you will be doing about 2-3 hours of work behind-the-scenes for every hour of show that we broadcast. Preparation is key, and is what will keep this show fresh, yet spontaneous and well organized.


Oh yeah, as far as myself personally, I am a graduate student at NMSU's English Dept. I am doing this as a "labour of love," and have about 8 years cumulative experience in the DJ / broadcast industry. There is much more to say but I'm quickly running out of time and space in this forum entry :-). If you would like to take part in this project, please reply soon, and tell me a little bit about yourself (vis-a-vis your abilities to perform journalistic duties not normally associated with being a radio DJ). Other than a brief synopsis of your background, I would like to have a resume, and an audio clip of your voice (not hard to do if you have a laptop &/or a microphone for your PC). If you cannot do the latter, no problem, just send me your info and we can get the "ball rolling". Look forward to hearing from you.

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