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I have iTunes 5.0.1 and I recieved some tracks of a CD from someone else. The only problem is, the tracks say they're anywhere from 2-8 minutes long each (picture below) but they're actually only 5 seconds to 1 minute long. I'm wondering if anyone knows any program that can automatically cut off parts of music where there is no sound being played. I'm not sure how it happened, I certainly didn't do it, but I'm just throwing out the question incase anyone has the same problem.

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I'm not sure whether you mean you have a 3-minute track with 2:55 silence and 0:05 of sound, or whether the track should have 3:00 of sound and only plays 0:05 of it.


If the former, you can use iTunes menu File>Get Info (command-I), go to the Options tab, and set the Start and End times you want the track to actually play to skip the silence. Quicktime Pro, e.g., could edit the MP3 file permanently (as, I suppose, could other MP3 editing applications.)


if the latter... you could check the Get Info setting in iTunes, but you may just need new rips of the tracks.

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