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iPod won't skip selected songs while shuffling

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I can't get my iPod to skip playing certain songs in my library...

I have a bunch of songs that I don't want to hear when I am playing my iPod in either of the "shuffle Modes" (either by selecting "Shuffle Songs" from the iPod main menu or by selecting Settings: Shuffle: ON)


While in iTunes I have clicked on each of the songs and selected the "Skip when shuffling tab". ("Get Info: Options [tab]: "Skip when shuffling").


Most of these "songs" are French Language lessons and there are a couple of songs with explicit lyrics, so it's really annoying to here the music punctuated by language lessons during shuffle playback. Additionally, I use iTrip to play my iPod in the car and I don't necessarily want every song playing when other people are in the car.


While shuffling, my iPod does skip Podcasts and Audiobooks.



I know it's not a purely Mac question, but I reckoned the most intelligent iPod users use these forums, so maybe you could help me. I haven’t tried to replicate this problem on my son's Power Book yet, but I might try it just to see if it is an problem specific to *Windows* iTunes 5.1 That is, assuming he lets me near the thing.


U2 Edition iPod; iTunes for Windows Ver

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