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Farewell to my buddy, the 3rd. Gen iPod.

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In between the past few months the clicking noise on my 3rd Gen. 20 gig iPod grew more and more evident. Ever since that drop inside my bookbag back in January I guess my buddy was fighting death himself with each ongoing week. The clicking when the HDD spun up, and the sound of something "loose" inside when you shaked it a bit, were all a signs of the evident, my buddy was going to quit on me.


Yesterday I went ahead and synch Twit to my iPod and notice extremely long times when transferring files. The clicking of the HDD was even more evident. Well I guess it finally went through and I got to listen to Twit yesterday night on my iPod.


This morning, I tried verifying the the disk using Disk utility and it checked out alright. So i formatted the HD and proceeded to restore my iPod with the latest iPod firmware. The restoring process took ages, and the clicking of the HD was again present. Reset it by hand, since I couldn't eject it because it was in-use. Lo-and behold the folder with exclamation point. Reset, restore, reset, same deal. Diagnostic menus, turning off on.


So i decided to just plug it back in iTUunes and sync it up when I got this error. Yup my buddy is dead.




As well as reporting that my ipod has version 1.0 of the firmware, been unmountable, and many other errors.


Warranty is no option. Replacing the HD may be, but at 100+ bucks and waiting it for it to get here since I'm in Argentina its a bummer. So im thinking of getting a nano to replace it eventually, or wait and see the new 5th Gen ipods. Truly a sad day, for my buddy.

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To update you on this story and give it a Hollywood like ending I must say my buddy is BACK!! :shock:


Quoting from my blog post here..


..I docked it in, no *BEEP* as expected. Mounted in iTunes, complained it needed update, I ignore that. Open up Disk utility and I zero-out the HDD. After a couple of long lasting minutes, and after I came back from taking care of things, Disk Utility was done. My Buddy was all zero'ed out.  


Open up the iPod Updater, Restore was the only option available so I did. It restored fast. I was getting happy (for once). Reset it manually, while still been docked, and Buddy is back!!


To say the least, Im shocked and happy to have him back :). Boy did it feel weird not having him around lol.

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