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(Solved) iPod updater won't install

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Well I had some problems with my iPod and my Mac. I tried a couple of things to fix it. Nothing worked.


Finally I got my iPOd working by using Windows instead of my Mac.


The problem I'm having is that iPod updater on my Mac got screwed up somehow. So I figured I would simply "reinstall" the ipod updater.


Well, the iPod updater installer wouldn't install over the old version. It would just say "Skip" on the installation screen, and tell me there is nothing to install.


So I took iPod updater out of the Utilities folder.


The updater still would not install. (it just says "Skip" on the install screen.)


So I put the updater in the trash and deleted it totally.


The installer STILL keeps telling me that "there is nothing to install". It won't let me select the updater package and it just says "Skip".


Does anyone have any idea on how I can get this to work?


Any help greatly appreciated.


Yes, I ran "fix file permissions". :(


Edited to add: here is what the installer shows me. I can't click the check box to add the install.



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I'd be certain that the iPod is not connected to the Mac while trying to do the installation, and I'd delete the updater .dmg files that is not working for you and download a fresh copy from Apple or Versiontracker.


I hope this helps.


You might have to reformat the iPod in order to get it to work with your Mac if you previously ran iPod updater from a Windows PC.

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I'm going to guess that the reason you cannot install is because there's a receipt for that version of the iPod updater. Look in Library/Receipts or System/Library/Receipts (can't remember the exact path) and delete the receipt. Then you should be able to install.

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RailRider you were right! That fixed it!


The receipt from the last install was stopping the new one from going ahead.



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