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Reinstalling OS

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Hey guys, need your help on this one big time.


So, I wanted to re-partition my hard drive. (I want to dual boot OS X and Linux, which is easy enough. Anyways...) What I did was backup everything (twice, actually) and threw in my OS 10.4 Upgrade DVD. I used Disk Utility to erase and re-partition the drive, they continued with the installation. I had forgotten that this disc was an Upgrade disc, and that I needed to have 10.3 installed in order to upgrade. So, I pulled out my 10.3 CD, threw it in the computer, and tried to start up. When starting up, I see the grey-on-grey Apple logo, shortly followed by a small circle with a slash through it, telling me something is the matter. Now, from what information I found on a forum somewhere online, this logo means that the install CD can't find a disk with the appropriate files to install the disk on (all of the OS files, I'm assuming). Can anybody see a way to fix this?


I have a few resources available to me for file transfering and stuff. Right now I'm running Linux off of a live CD, so I'm slightly able to get to my computer. I have an external USB drive and an iPod to use, so I'm thinking maybe I can install the OS on one of those drives (using someone else's Mac) and then boot off of the drive, and try installing to the blank hard drive. What do you think? Thanks for the help....

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The iPod is a bootable FireWire device, so that would definitely work if you used it. After reinstalling the OS, I'd do a reinstall from the backups.



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